Redeeming Arts for Christ and helping redeeming the cultures using Art.

Working on creating a movement in artists’ hearts and minds to glorify and proclaim God through their talents whether directly or indirectly through the influence of their life styles. Also spreading the movement over their churches and societies.

As arts is one of the spheres that form the community and its culture, we strive to restore arts to develop the community.

Developing partnerships with individuals, churches, organizations, colleges and academies from the body of Christ allover the world to have the vision accomplished


  • Being an¬†umbrella/motivation for Artists through facilitating camps, forums, seminars and meetings to help artists realize the value and encourage usage of their gifts, and also to motivate the Church to understand the real value of Arts and media.
  • Facilitating skilful trainings, technically and artistically, for talented people to learn how to deliver the message of a creative God, in a creative manner.
  • Preparing and arranging two Artistic libraries (Physical and Electronic) to be available for different Artists in the field.
  • Facilitating trips to different areas and countries, where Arts play a role in community development.
  • To establish Arts Centers in different cities in our part of the World. These centers will:

- Help in carrying out the vision by implementing the strategies.
- Provide academic artistic teaching for Christian/non Christian Artists.
- Open the door to build bridges between the Artists and their communities.