We value the beauty of art and its role in expressing high praise to a Creator God within the Christian Church and faith communities.
We also value the understanding and passion for loving our neighbors through the arts.
Therefore, we strive for art to build bridges and to be in service to the poor and marginalized of society.

Valuing the glory of God and the finished work of Christ

1) Firstly, the Lord was speaking about how He longs to reveal more to those in the “arts” about His glory and what He accomplished in the finished work of Christ on the Cross — how this work of Christ has resulted in a “new creation” of which our new birth experience is only a part. There is so much more that He longs to reveal by His Spirit about the reality that is and will come forth in the lives of believers and in all creation as the fullness of His plan unfolds. There is wonderful inspiration for artists from this revelation about the “new creation” in which Christ is all and in all…even as there is inspiration from the present creation.


Valuing intimacy with God…through worship & intercession

2) Secondly, regarding intimacy with God: “”No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him”–but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. (1 Corinthians 2:9,10) It is in the place of intimacy with God, experienced through times of worship & intercession, where the Holy Spirit will reveal things that are beyond our natural experience or capacity to know. The things of the “new creation” in Christ are and will be revealed to us by the Holy Spirit as we pursue a closer and deeper intimacy with God…to know His heart and the deep things that He has in His heart for His Son, for us and for all creation. The new things that God wants to release through those involved in “redeeming the arts” will reflect the revelation of these deep things from the heart of God to their hearts.



Valuing real relationships with one another

3) As we pursue deeper intimacy with the Lord we should grow in the revelation of who God has made us and others through this “new creation”. We no longer see one another after the “flesh”, but we are to know one another after the Spirit. We are to realize the “gift” that the Lord has made each of us to be — and we are to recognize the “talents” that He has given each of us, which as we use them they are preparing us for handling greater expressions of His glory in the age to come. So, we should grow in honoring and appreciating one another and how we are created and gifted to give God glory. God desires that we learn to encourage one another and even build one another up to fulfill the calling He has placed in each of our lives for glorifying Him through the arts. It is through the corporate revelation of the manifold wisdom and beauty of the Lord that God fully glorifies Himself through the Church, even to the “the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms”. Our longing to glorify God through the arts should not only be a personal desire, but a corporate one that moves us to honor and prefer others and their creative, artistic giftings!



Valuing the role of the Holy Spirit

4) Lastly, It is imperative that we understand that as in the first creation, it is the Holy Spirit that “hovers” over the “new creation” as God is preparing to bring it forth. He is also the One “helping us in our weaknesses” by interceding for us in order to see this “new creation” in Christ fully brought forth (Romans 8:26,27). We must learn to know, honor and release the Holy Spirit to fulfill the will of God in us and through us. What God wants to reveal about Himself and His glory through the arts will come through the working of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives.

There are expressions of the depths and the heights of God’s creativity and power that He longs to release through us, as we learn to honor and release His Spirit in our lives. The gifts and talents that God has given us, in order to express His beauty (in all its various forms and expressions) through the arts, are expressed by the Holy Spirit’s power working through us.

These “values” or “riches” of God’s kingdom should remain foundational as believers involved in “redeeming the arts” labor to transform their societies. As we build upon the foundation that God has laid we will see our contributions through creative arts produce eternal results that are like “gold, silver and precious stones”. (1 Corinthians 3:11-14) May we learn to encourage one another to continue going deeper in our understanding of God’s heart as we seek to go wider in affecting our societies with the reflection of His beauty and glory through our artistic expressions!