About Us

Arts for Christ
, a vision that God has revealed in December 1993, but He didn’t want it to take place till on his right time. Early 2004 was the big call: “Now is the time”. Yes … almost after 11 years of prayers and waiting infront of the Lord, it was the time to start. The first meeting was on Monday, June 7, 2004.

The first meeting was formed of a group of artists from different backgrounds: musicians, fine artist, dramatist, web designer, writer and choreographer. That some of those are also involved in photography, graphic designing, film and video production.

All share one vision of redeeming arts and artists for Christ, focusing on one person, the greatest Artist, the Creator of creativity; God himself.

We’ve learnt over time that it’s a global movement to glorify the greatest Artist name. And we’re praying and putting hands together to see it happen in different parts of the world; the Middle East, North Africa, United States and also all over the whole world.

We encourage the Artists to creatively use their gifts for the redemption of cultures and people groups.